‘The Bicycles of Ice and Salt’ launches at the Poetry Pharmacy!

If you’re within reach of the peerless Poetry Pharmacy in Bishop’s Castle in Shropshire, then please join us for the proper, real, launch-with-guests-and-cake of my latest book ‘The Bicycles of Ice and Salt on Sunday 6 March! Book your tickets on Eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/262978063467

I am over the moon that both the companions of my two 5000 mile bike rides of the 1980s will be present – such a treat. Here they are, in their heyday!

The afternoon will be enlivened and enriched by short readings from fine poets Thirza Clout, Margaret Adkins, Steve Griffiths, Gareth Culshaw and Wolverhampton Poet Laureate Kuli Kohli.

Thank you so much to my wonderful publishers, Dawn and Ronnie at Indigo Dreams and Nadia at Fair Acre Press – and to the fabulous Deborah Alma at the Poetry Pharmacy.

2 thoughts on “‘The Bicycles of Ice and Salt’ launches at the Poetry Pharmacy!

  1. Congrats! And PLEASE…
    Maybe some small part or even the whole event could be captured on video …. maybe just on the phone … and then share the post …. some can’t attend, some can’t even ride a bike …. via the sea does not even cross the bike 🙂 Just such a small idea, do not be angry, I would like to see your reading.
    Good luck!
    Wish You everything best, be CREATIVE and ALIVE !

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