Red telephone box project!

I start the new year with a surge of hope and enthusiasm – because I have a marvellous new project in hand! I’ll be working with the renowned Feral Productions, to bring site-specific life and a renewed sense of the extraordinary to Herefordshire’s red phoneboxes. Our project is being funded by Courtyard Arts, Hereford.

For several years I’ve been photographing our red phoneboxes as they rust into disrepair and fall out of use. Sometimes I even use their victor, the mobile phone, to snap pictures of their decay. I have a bulging folder of red phoneboxes leaning and windowless, dangling strips of paint and mangled metal cords. Though there are also red phoneboxes beloved of their communities, turned into libraries, book-swop centres, tiny art galleries – and giving shelter to many a defibrillator.

With Feral Productions – that’s a director, a sound artist and a film-maker – I’ll be writing nine poems, one for each red phone box we select in the county of Herefordshire. I’ll write part of each poem actually in each phone box. Next, each poem will inform a short piece of site-specific theatre (performed in due course to whatever audience happens along near the phone box on the day). And finally short films will be created, with particular sound tracks. We are all very excited about this!

So far, we’re still identifying phone boxes… but I will ring you back on this…

Meantime, I’m playing with words and pictures.

3 thoughts on “Red telephone box project!

  1. This looks like a winner, who doesn’t love a phone box…I’m looking forward to seeing your poems around the subject.

  2. What an excellent idea. Such icons that are sadly disappearing. Love the photo including the barn door notice board. Is it Hopesay?

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