Writing for The Museum of Lost Objects

A short and high-spirited workshop today with home-educated kids Isaac, Loreta and Mollie. First we choose from The Museum of Lost Objects.

Choosing Lost Objects

We described them to each other, then did 5 minutes focussed free-writing (spelling-and-punctuation-free-as-long-as-you-can-read-it-back).  We shared that, chose the best bits.  Then we looked at some poems written as cinquains, so there are 5 lines, and each line has a set number of syllables in it: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2.  We counted on our fingers.
The children used their free-writing notes for ideas for their cinquains, each of which was to accompany their chosen Lost Object into the Museum Cabinet.  And here they are:

Museum of Lost Objects label

Henry 8 spectacles
These are/ Henry the Eighth’s/ spectacles found on Mars/ made by a witch called Nigella./ Welsh Gold. By Mollie


Priceless decanter
Priceless/ glass decanter./ It was wrapped in a brown cloth./ Stood on a King’s table, rarest rum/ now lost. By Loreta


Lobster bone
The dark tale of a Bad Man who found and destroyed a deep-sea creature for the rare pigments on its bones… By Isaac


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