Poetry Workshop: Old Buttons and a Donkey’s Arse

On a bright, blue 1st of June eight lovely poets came up to Acton Scott Historic Working Farm to take part in my Poetry Workshop. So many good poems have already been sent through to me as a result, and I’ve been publishing them on The Poetry Fence at the farm, and in the Shepherd Poet’s Hut – and on the Acton Scott blog.

Poet on the Farm

In perfect June sunshine, we enjoyed a Poetry Workshop at Acton Scott today! This group was a treat to work with, and kept providing me with evidence of their observant poetic eye. Poems were developing about the brick kiln, butter-making, piglets, old buttons stored in jamjars, Dusty the donkey (‘arse to the visitor’) and more.  I’m looking forward to receiving them…Poetry Workshop best mr

Then Nina swopped with me, so I’m on this one:

Poetry Workshop plus me mr

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