THIS LAND at The Hive

This week I’ve been at Hive Shrewsbury at work with a lovely group of young people involved in THIS LAND project, which is connected to the current exhibition ‘Monument to the Vanquished: The Commoners‘. THIS LAND is a cross-arts project with artists Andrew Howe and Jill Impey – we all walked the Town Walls last week, and this week I went in to enable new writing about stones, mason bees, exclusion, land rights, river crossings, woodlice, moss forests and more.

The Commoners exhibition is wonderful, thought-provoking and beautiful in its own right – go and visit! Artist Leah Gordon and writer/ researcher Annabel Edwards explore how the historic events of land enclosure ended people’s rights to land, creating a disenfranchised class divorced from the land and forced into cities.

All The Commoners works were commissioned and supported by Meadow Arts and by GRAIN Projects.  

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