Writing the borders of darkness

This August, I’ll be leading three walking and writing workshops, part of Dark Fest, a hugely imaginative festival of all things night which is planned for November 2021. The photo above is of Sal Tonge’s brilliantly-lit dancers, photographed by Ben Osborne.

My workshops are booking now – three separate opportunities to walk a short way into the Long Mynd as night falls – Saturday 14 August, Thursday 26 August and Tuesday 31st August. Just pick the date that suits you best.

It’s a chance to come with me into the hills to think about the slip of day into night, about lengthening shadows, and all the meanings of darkness. Come along for thoughts of the evening, of doorways and staircases under the stars, candlelight and night vision! 

And any work created during these workshops has the chance to go to musician Mary Keith to inspire her creation of songs for public performance at DarkFest in November.  

We’ll meet for each workshop in the car park at Cardingmill Valley. Please book via Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/…/darkfest-writing-the… and scroll down for the later dates. Any qs – ask me!

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