Ledbury Poetry Festival 2021

This year’s Ledbury PF has been friendly and hopeful as ever, just re-arranged across the online and real worlds… I spent yesterday there, actually, really talking to people, being The Spellwright under the medieval Market House.

Among others, I wrote spells for beekeepers, for improved self-esteem, for joy in the everyday, for talking to cats, for more time in the day, and for becoming invisible at will.

Take a pint of smoke from a banshee
and pour into a goblet of fog…

And it was lovely to work across the way from Beth Calverley and her beautiful Poetry Machine!

And here we are, later on, getting ready to read in the beautiful stone courtyard at St Michael’s and All Angels.

2 thoughts on “Ledbury Poetry Festival 2021

  1. I was married in St Michaels and All Angels Ledbury and my dad’s ashes are in the Garden of Remembrance…..one day I would like to go back and enjoy the Poetry Festival

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