Writing the new course for The Poetry Wire

In the lull between courses I’m happily occupied researching and writing the prompts for the next one. ‘Painted Stations Whistle By‘ will start on 12 April, and I’m grateful to say it’s fully booked.

‘Painted Stations Whistle By’ occurred to me as a theme because most of us probably can’t remember a year in which we travelled so little. Even in my northern childhood, in which we never went abroad, I reckon we did get out of county sometimes. So Painted Stations will examine travel: journeys, trods and pilgrimages of all sorts and to any seas, islands, mountains and cities the participants of the course have a yen to reach.

I’ve been happily submerged in reading for Painted Stations Whistle By, and selecting poems to inspire us. Here’s a pic of some of the wonderful collections and anthologies we’ll be drawing on.

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