Commissioned poem for Herefordshire film

Last winter Rural Media asked me to write a commissioned poem for Herefordshire. The purpose was to create a film-poem linked to The Great Place project, to celebrate creativity, arts and heritage with the people of Herefordshire.

I had to write a poem to a certain length in terms of minutes, and cover specific areas of interest. It was a really fascinating thing to do. Here’s the result:

There are two other related short films for The Great Place, which you can find via Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce at this link here.

4 thoughts on “Commissioned poem for Herefordshire film

  1. From the Highlands of Scotland and Firth of Moray,
    I praise your words of the countryside. We are both immersed in a remarkable land and people. Hoping to get down to Hereford at some time this year, and will look out for any poetry readings you might be doing.

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