Book Launch & a Basket of Chicks

This week saw the official launch party for my second collection, How Time is in Fields, alongside new collections from Roger Garfitt and Adam Horovitz. The venue was Acton Scott Historic Working Farm in deepest, greenest Shropshire. We were greeted by peacefully grazing Shire horses and a basket of new chicks, which I was allowed to carry round a cooing audience in Acton Scott’s fine half-timbered cafe.

My heartfelt thanks to all who travelled out to Acton Scott on a soft, rainy evening that turned to sunshine and rags of mist slung over surrounding hills. You were a generous, exceptional audience, on a magical night. We were packed out, more chairs were needed, the most wonderful poetry buzz.

Thanks so much to my lovely, supportive publishers at IDP, and all the staff at Acton Scott, especially Tammy, Sarah and Wayne, who supported our launch, provided wine, and fetched those chicks…
If you’ve never visited this remarkable place, I strongly suggest you do.

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