I’m Shropshire’s Poet for National Poetry Day!

A few weeks ago, I opened an email from the BBC with curiosity, and found I was invited to become Shropshire’s Local Poet for National Poetry Day. Each year BBC Local Radio teams up with (it says) carefully chosen poets to create shiny new poems for broadcast on National Poetry Day. This year the aim is to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the delights of the different regions of Britain, using #HomeTruths – and I’m honoured to be working with this wonderful line-up of poets from across the country.

Since then, I’ve been broadcast on BBC Radio Shropshire, talking about poetry, about Shropshire, and about the project. The call has gone out to ask listeners to get in touch with #HomeTruths and stories about the county, from Rorrington to Albrighton, from Richards Castle to Woore.
Have a listen here.

And then I’ll write a poem. Really looking forward to what comes in!

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