Room 204 opens for applications!

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West Midlands writers: Room 204 opens for applications

I’m very happy to recommend Room 204 to poets and writers!  I was selected for 2013-14’s cohort.  Not only did it provide me with a lot of expert, seasoned advice and real opportunities, but I got to meet a whole network of writers and organisations who have been improving my professional life ever since.  So apply!

Writers across the West Midlands are invited to apply to be part of this year’s Room 204 – the year-long support and career development programme run by Writing West Midlands. Now in its fifth year, Room 204 recruits between 10 and 15 writers a year, writing in all genres from poetry and prose to radio and TV scripts, and gives them each over £1,000 worth of career support.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 25 February and you can find the full submission details here.

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