Zines in the Making

I work regularly with a group of five home educated children, who come to my house to write.  Lately we’ve been creating zines, giving an opportunity for more extended story-telling.  It’s been a magical process, with each individual’s ideas coming through strongly.  The children have displayed great zest and inventiveness, and our meetings are fascinating, with mature discussions, ranging from how to pace a longer story, to decisions in design and illustration.

Making Zines & long stories (1)

An impressive amount of work is being done in between sessions with me.  There’s been much planning, like this –

Making Zines & long stories (11)

and simply glorious attention to design and making details –

Home Ed zines Mattie & Mollie (2) Home Ed zines Mattie & Mollie (3) Making Zines & long stories (2)













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