Poetry and Dementia – on film

For three years I worked as a freelance poet for In The Pink, a poetry and dementia project managed by Courtyard Arts in Hereford.  As the project reached the end of its funding cycle they made this little film, which focuses particularly on the work I was doing in one of Herefordshire’s care homes.  I like the film because it demonstrates the joy and engagement of these very elderly people with words, and with each other.

2 thoughts on “Poetry and Dementia – on film

  1. Thanks for sharing this film, Jean! I found it very interesting and uplifting. As you know, I used to read poetry aloud with people who have dementia, in weekly groups. In our sessions, we also spoke about memories and ideas that the poems triggered – which you seem to be doing in this film before you shape the remembered anecdotes into poems. Well done to everyone involved with this project. Wonderful.

  2. Yes, I was aware you were doing similar work Josephine! The talking is very important, and very open-ended. We do a lot of laughing and joking, expect you’ll recognise this. Thanks for your comment and tweet!

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