‘If there’s a dog on the cellar steps/ I’m dreaming and there’s/ a price to pay.’

‘Is this a dream or a lie?

The hippogriff canters on the grassy downs.

I see its soft feathers.
I avoid its cold, dark eyes’

Isaac invented his poem from using our Randomiser (pictured), then chopping up his ideas to edit into a poem.  We had long discussions about line-breaks.  Here’s the whole thing:Home Ed group Isaac poem A dream or a lie

This one is by Loreta, with its origins in tsunami and sudden violence:

Home Ed Group Loretta randomiser poem

Her little sister Mollie wrote about her pet degu, using the Randomiser for ideas.  This is a degu.  From what Mollie says, her degu is almost as unpredictable as the one invented by the Randomiser.
Home Ed Group Mollie randomiser poem


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