Wenlock Poetry Festival #2 : a Cabinet of Curiosities, Luck’s Weight and That Ambulance at Priory Hall

Volunteers cluster around the miracle-worker Emergency Poet, aka Deb Alma, on Saturday morning, as she sets up the Ambulance, ready for dozens of poetic consultations during the weekend.  Cake is likely to be applied, and tea.WPF 2015 volunteers at work

I was delighted by the beauty and intricate detail of The Cabinet of Curiosities, created by six artists and poet (Sue Challis, Jacqui Dodds, Julie Edwards, Jill Impey, Ann Kelcey, Elizabeth Turner, Mary V. Williams / Valentine Williams).  Here are tiny shoes.  And laces.WPF 2015 Cabinet of Curiosities 6

I took to writing tiny poems for them on my 1932 Imperial Good Companions Typewriter. Someone later stopped me in the High Street to ask where I got the ribbon (it’s a long story).WPF 2015 typewriter + poem

At the Festival Launch on Friday, I read some poems from Luck’s Weight, the exhibition and the pamphlet (in collaboration with photographer and writer Andrew Fusek Peters), and it was a real pleasure to share this work with so many people over the weekend.
How Time Is In Fields JEAN ATKIN  artwork & poem 1 CROP





WPF 2015 Luck's Weight 2



















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