Just contrails passing/ over us, & near/ a blackbird warns

Mod rock birds in the making

We met in Loudwater Studio in Ludlow to work on various kinds of art reflecting the project ‘Loudwater Studio in the Shropshire Hills’.  All these different pieces will form part of a three-dimensional sketchbook recording the visits of Loudwater Studio clients to five different and special places in the Shropshire Hills.
These beautiful birdRed Kite gets wingss are made from paper and Modrock plaster of Paris, with wire for feet.   One of the Vision Homes residents was painting them with her carer, while Julia worked on a huge Red Kite.

Here he is, having his wings fitted.


And below is a shrew thaShrew tilet Julia found, very dead, and which she most resourcefully pressed into a clay block to create this, erm, shrew death mask.


I worked on sorting out the words I’d gathered and tinkered with while we were up at Bury Ditches.


Here’s part of the poem.  I made it into what will become a path winding through the bottom of the Bury Ditches ‘page’ of the three dimensional sketchbook.

Poem Today at Bury Ditches 2







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