#gardenpoet at Logan Botanic Garden

logan-botanic-garden PALMSIt’s hard to believe I’ve nearly been here for a week.  Logan really is the most wonderful place!  To start with, the sun has shone daily, I can always, distantly, hear the roar of the Irish Sea, and the palm trees tickle the bluest skies.

I’m working as poet in residence for Walking With Poets, set up by Scottish Poetry Library and Botanic Gardens of Scotland.  My brief is to encourage visitors to the garden to engage with it through poetry, in all the many ways that’s possible.  So I work with people of all ages who come into the Poetry Yurt.  We write on labels, seed packets, cut out gardening gloves and Logan Poetry Postcards.  And we’ve set up a beautiful Poet Tree, a New Zealand Snow Gum, and poems are coming in now from all over the place under the request ‘Poems to Hang in a Walled Garden’.  Bliss.  And I’m here until the end of August.  For a schedule of what’s on when please click here.

Poet Tree COLIN W 7 Aug 005

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