Young Writers making zines

Upstairs in Kidderminster Library this afternoon, the Writing West Midlands Young Writers’ Group are making zines.  They’re using their own creative writing and research, with some quite amazing artistic talent, to create personal zines to show off their work.  Have a look! The young people in this group are teenagers.  We have a ridiculous amount of fun, and they produce extraordinary work.  And we do have … Continue reading Young Writers making zines

In which I have a poem on Radio 4

I’m on Radio 4!  This is truly thrilling for me! I was very lucky, alongside excellent poet Elisabeth Charis, to be part of a Writing West Midlands-brokered commission to write a poem for Radio 4’s ethical and religious discussion programme Something Understood. The programme’s theme was ‘Bread’, and it went out on Sunday 23 August, and if you’re so minded you can listen to it … Continue reading In which I have a poem on Radio 4