Two Sides of the Severn 1

Since Christmas I’ve been working on Two Sides of the Severn, a project funded and managed by Wenlock Poetry Festival to help primary school children enjoy, access and create poetry.  The project will also assist the established poetry festival in Shropshire to develop and encourage young audiences, and it’s funded through a Clore Poetry and Literature Award. The power plant was far, at night, red-eyed … Continue reading Two Sides of the Severn 1

In which #Pen2Mic goes to #NAWE2015

Just home from this year’s NAWE Conference in Durham, a whirlwind of exciting ideas and interesting people passionate about writing, education and imagination.  Returning on the train last night I agreed with Liz Hyder (@LondonBessie) that it could not have taken only three days. More like a week. This year Liz and I took our new workshop Pen To Mic, up to Durham for the … Continue reading In which #Pen2Mic goes to #NAWE2015