Songs of the Trees: Telford

Since October, I’ve been working on a wonderful creative writing project in Telford. ‘Songs of the Trees’ was funded as a pilot project for health and wellbeing in older people, and managed by the excellent Creative and Cultural Development Team at Telford & Wrekin Council. The project attracted a core group who have stayed with the project throughout – requesting it to be extended. Every week … Continue reading Songs of the Trees: Telford

Poetry, Punch & Judy in a Care Home

The children sat in front, legs crossed, looking up. You want to be a bit scared, then brought back into the real world again. He had a trail of children following him,  just like the Pied Piper, all bewitched. This week I was working in a Herefordshire care home with a large group of elderly people, many of whom are living with dementia.  I work … Continue reading Poetry, Punch & Judy in a Care Home