‘Luck’s Weight’ launched

‘Luck’s Weight’ the exhibition was launched on Saturday at beautiful Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms.  It’ll be there until 10th February.  We’re so grateful to the lovely audience (we think we counted 37) who listened and talked in all the right places.  Andrew Fusek Peters and I talked about Acton Scott Farm, and how we came to be collaborating on the project, and I … Continue reading ‘Luck’s Weight’ launched

Planning for Poetry at Acton Scott

Originally posted on Poet on the Farm :
A glorious 1st April morning at Acton Scott!  Sunshine warmed my back as I was shown round the farm.  A Norfolk Black turkey cock gobbled at us and fanned his tail.  A small hen took a dustbath under a waggon. “Would it be alright if you worked in this?”  said Sal. It really would.  Very alright. You’re looking… Continue reading Planning for Poetry at Acton Scott