Finding Treasure in the Marches

This morning 12 poets joined me and Peter Reavill, our regional Finds Liaison Officer, in a workshop exploring just some of the treasure trove of the Welsh Marches.  Peter blew us away with a mix of archaeological precision and rich storytelling – the hedge under which someone, in 1645, buried the Bitterley Hoard; the river ford where someone wrenched the Dinham Pommel from a sword, … Continue reading Finding Treasure in the Marches

‘The Crow House’ at Ludlow Library

I just spent a wonderful morning with ten creative kids and two taxidermied crows. We read extracts from ‘The Crow House’, invented ways for household objects to transport innocents to other times and places, told stories, inspected the lovely dangerous crows, drew them and wrote about them.  Thank you Iran Morris and Ludlow Library! Continue reading ‘The Crow House’ at Ludlow Library