A blog for ‘The Dark Farms’

Some years ago, I became fascinated with the Galloway Forest.  It’s a remote, depopulated region in south west Scotland, hundreds of square miles with scarcely a road across it, and a diminishing number of working farms on its inhospitable hills and moors.  It’s become a place famed now for its dark skies, and it’s visited by astronomers and those curious to see a sky without … Continue reading A blog for ‘The Dark Farms’

A project revisited: ‘Viewpoint Voices’ gets published

Just over a year ago I completed a long project in Dumfries and Galloway called ‘Viewpoint Voices’, in association with the National Scenic Areas (NSAs) of the Solway Firth.  I worked with NSA officer Anna Johnson to locate many different groups of people, of all ages and backgrounds.  Then we took them out to the six NSA viewpoints along this gloriously beautiful coast. The youngest … Continue reading A project revisited: ‘Viewpoint Voices’ gets published