Primary School Writing Residential

There are children lying writing on the carpets, at the cleared dinner tables, and just in corners. We’re at Edgmond Hall, one of Sandwell Council’s Creative Arts and Outdoor Learning Centres. I’m with Hargate Primary School, a wonderful place I have a special connection with, and these are 9 and 10 year olds from the built-up middle of West Bromwich. The days are packed with … Continue reading Primary School Writing Residential

A Troubadour Day at Barton Court, Christmas 2019

On a bright, fierce, freezing day in December, an enthusiastic group of poets gathered for our latest Troubadour Day at Barton Court, under the Malverns. Barton Court is a Georgian gem of a country house tucked under the hills. It has a tithe barn, a medieval dovecot, a piggery, a ferretry – and a hound-wash, just to be going on with. It’s run by its … Continue reading A Troubadour Day at Barton Court, Christmas 2019