The Wordshoppers

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I’m also one half of The Wordshoppers, with Liz Hyder the other.  The Wordshoppers offer a range of interactive and fun workshops for all ages. These workshops can be held anywhere from schools, libraries and community centres to retirement homes, museums and the big outdoors.  More on The Wordshoppers website here!

We work dynamically together, but also apart – so we take bookings both as a duo, or as single practitioners.  Just ask.

Examples of our workshops are:


The fabled Pen 2 Mic! – a workshop that takes you from creating, editing and workshopping a brand new poem to microphone techniques, presentation and performance skills culminating in a live performance to an audience. Great for confidence building, creativity and team work.


A constellation of creativity! Our Stars on Strings workshop uses the night sky and space exploration to inspire all ages to create both brand new writing and an art installation. Bringing science and art together, this is a fun workshop suitable for everyone from under 5s to over 80.

wood words

Inspired by the natural world, Wood Words is a tailored workshop that can be shaped to fit your needs. From wolves to lost children, witches to wise owls and walking trees, forests have a grip on our imaginations that we’ll explore together. You will create a a whole new book unique to you – a tiny, perfect publication.

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