From Uley to Owlpen

I’m working on a set of poems that have developed after a week spent in Uley and Owlpen.  I found well-worn tracks and holloways, the ruins of a medieval cloth industry built on wool, hills topped by Neolithic barrows, topped again by Iron Age hillforts, and once again by a smallpox isolation hospital, once again lost.  There’s still poverty.  There’s still wealth.  Here’s a faint … Continue reading From Uley to Owlpen

On Strata, and the Poetry of the Periodic

An interlude of reading: I’ve been really enjoying some new anthologies.  Here’s the first one, Map, published by Worple Press. Two hundred years after the publication of the first geological map of an entire country, Michael McKimm has edited this anthology which collects new work by over thirty poets inspired by William Smith, his revolutionary map, and the foundation of a science. I love the … Continue reading On Strata, and the Poetry of the Periodic