Writing Down The Dingle

I’ve just finished putting together the details for a new workshop, in partnership with Gleanings Centre, a venue situated on Yvonne and John’s 14 acre award-winning farm tucked between the Shrewsbury and the Welsh border.   The workshop is on Saturday 18th July, from 10.30 to 3.30. I’m really excited about it! The workshop will explore both the landscape around Gleanings, and ways to write about place.  How do … Continue reading Writing Down The Dingle

In The Pink – a poetry project with people living with dementia

Lillian cups a tiny bird’s nest in today’s session in a Hereford Care Home.  She isn’t able to speak much, but she was utterly delighted.  It was marvellous to be able to bring such pleasure. What bird lived here?  So sweet. Soft.   Keeps warm, I expect. I don’t think we could do that. They’re so clever. They just do it with their beaks. true     … Continue reading In The Pink – a poetry project with people living with dementia

Lost Keys & Fading Photographs

Originally posted on Southwater Reads:
On Monday 23 March, I’ll be leading a free Creative Writing Workshop from 1pm to 3pm, at Southwater Library. This will be a workshop packed with quirky ways into writing, making use of old photographs and keys to lost doors.  I’ll help you unlock new stories and half-forgotten associations to create pieces of flash fiction or poems.  Everyone is welcome,… Continue reading Lost Keys & Fading Photographs