We have moving cardboard!

At Southwater Library this month, dropping cardboard for the entertainment of readers…

Southwater Reads

Amy the Librarian at Southwater Library made a video of me skilfully dropping pieces of cardboard last time I was there.  It required quite a few takes, and we bonded in adversity.  Southwater has a media wall on the first floor, and this little video is due to play on it…  Very low tech meets high tech.

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Barrels and Orchards of Apples

A wonderful afternoon full of laughter and conversation with elderly people in a Herefordshire NITP Oct 2014 1ursing Home.  I work regularly as a poet with the Courtyard Arts’ award-winning project, ‘In The Pink’, which employs professional poets to go into care settings to work with people living with dementia. The project is mentored by John Killick.

I took in a bag of different Herefordshire apples – Crispin, Russet, Spartan, Rubinette, some locally bottled apple juice, and a bottle of local organic cider.  We passed round samples, then I listened and scribbled down the resulting conversations and comments.  There was remembering, much smiling, in fact a lot of joy.

I take home the scribbled notes and turn them into poems by rearranging the words, but add none of my own.  Then the next week I go in and read out the poems.  They are given back to the people who gave me the words.

Here’s a couple of the resulting ‘apple’ poems:

I give you half, you have 
the other half.
Could do with a little
more sweet, but
I can eat it.
The pears didn’t 
come to nothing.


It really is cider – O that’s wonderful!ITP Oct 2014 Peter cider
Now I’m flat out on cider.

 I think it’s gorgeous.  It’s got
to be right because it’s Hereford

 and for the last forty years
every fruit tree has been cultivated

 by Hereford people, right from
Weston down to Hereford.

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