We have moving cardboard!

Originally posted on Southwater Reads:
Amy the Librarian at Southwater Library made a video of me skilfully dropping pieces of cardboard last time I was there.  It required quite a few takes, and we bonded in adversity.  Southwater has a media wall on the first floor, and this little video is due to play on it…  Very low tech meets high tech. Continue reading We have moving cardboard!

Barrels and Orchards of Apples

A wonderful afternoon full of laughter and conversation with elderly people in a Herefordshire Nursing Home.  I work regularly as a poet with the Courtyard Arts’ award-winning project, ‘In The Pink’, which employs professional poets to go into care settings to work with people living with dementia. The project is mentored by John Killick. I took in a bag of different Herefordshire apples – Crispin, … Continue reading Barrels and Orchards of Apples