‘Roman hens of Dorking/ those blue hills/ and Charlie’

A poetry and cream-tea fuelled finale to my residency at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. So grateful to all who responded, visited, messaged, blogged and emailed. On the last count, 96 poems were written ‘for the Farm’ by poets from at least three different continents during the residency.

Poet on the Farm

Today over 40 poets and lovely attentive audience members turned up on a hot, humid afternoon to take part in ‘Poems for the Farm’.  It was the culmination of my three month residency at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm – and it was great!  Some 20 poets came along to read, and they generously read  work too from poets who couldn’t be here today.

Poems For The Farm 1st readers mr Here are the first readers, all ready to go.

Poems For The Farm Meg Cox reads mr Meg Cox reads: ‘clumps of black suckling pigs/ leggling lambs/ a water of ducks/ and Charlie…’

Poems For The Farm Frank reads mr Frank reads: ‘the ducks’ green heads, their orange feet/ a drop of brown pond water/ a goose with his head in a bucket…’

Poems For The Farm J reads Jacob's poem mr I read for Jacob: ‘Piglets/ their little noses/ their hunger/ their curly tails’…

Poems For The Farm Julia Dean Richards reads mr Julia Dean Richards reads: ‘Then trudge up the cock-crowing nature-knowing tractor track…’

Poems For The Farm Peter Holliday reads mr Peter Holliday reads: ‘He’s been docking mangolds/ From dawn to dusk:/ In rain…

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‘this netted house’: a bit of an experiment

My artist friend Emily Wilkinson told me about a derelict cottage she’d found on Lewis that was entirely covered in fishing nets.  She showed me a short film she’d taken of it.  The wind rose out of the film, and the house seemed hauled ashore.

I wrote a poem, and delightfully, marvellous Earthlines magazine has published my poem and Emily’s still.

netted house 3rd try mr


We also experimented, in a rather low-tech way, and managed to make a short film-poem.  Thank you very much to online magazine Island Review, who published it.  You can view it here on Emily Wilkinson’s website.

Poems for the Farm – a Last Hurrah!

Photo: Andrew Fusek Peters
Photo: Andrew Fusek Peters

Everyone is invited to Poems for the Farm to celebrate the conclusion of Acton Scott’s 2014 Poet in Residence project with Jean Atkin (supported by Arts Council England and Shropshire Council).  Poems for the Farm is on Saturday 19 July at 3pm at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm SY6 6QN.

Poets who contributed to the project will also be reading, plus a chance to see some of Andrew Fusek Peters‘ beautiful photographs.  If you’ve been to Acton Scott recently, and written a poem with Jean, or for the project – then please do get in touch.  We would love to see you on the 19th – and if you like you can read your poem out too.

 The event is free (hooray!) but please book your place (to be on the list for a free cream tea! To book sign up to this FB event or ring Acton Scott on 01694 781307 or email jean [at]wordsparks.co.uk

Come and hear poetry from many voices!

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