Love Letter to the Bothyman

At last I’ve got round to working on a little website for Love Letter to the Bothyman, a project begun five years ago.  It all started when, rootling in the attic space above the bothy on our Dumfriesshire smallholding, I saw sheets of discoloured, crumpled paper sticking out between the stones of the byre wall.  I thought: ‘By rights, that should be a love letter’.  And … Continue reading Love Letter to the Bothyman

The Great Bear

Just so pleased to be working again with the ever-inventive Oversteps poet Rebecca Bilkau and Beautiful Dragons Press.  This time we’re a nebulous constellation of poets writing about Heavenly Bodies. I have chosen to write about Ursa Major.  Mostly because I knew I could actually identify it from the back garden.  The Plough forms part of the Bear, and has been my stellar lodestone from … Continue reading The Great Bear