Walking With Poets: a Celebration on 28th November

I’m really looking forward to going north to this Scottish Poetry Library event, to be held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Thursday 28th November, 6.30pm FREE ENTRY.  Scottish friends – do come along if you can!

Lovely to watch people stop to read.
Lovely to watch people stop to read.

The Scottish Poetry Library’s website says:

‘This summer, the Scottish Poetry Library placed four poets and their iPads in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s four Gardens across Scotland in  a  project that re-invents nature writing for the 21st century. In Benmore, Edinburgh, Logan and Dawyck, the poets have used blogs, Twitter, Facebook to give voice to nature. At this celebration, Sue Butler, Mandy Haggith, Jean Atkin, and Gerry Loose will read poems inspired by their residencies and share stories about their time in the RBGE’s four Gardens.’

Read the Walking With Poets blog here.


Poems From the Centre of the Night

The Witching Hour Poems from the Centre of the Night
The Witching Hour
Poems from the Centre of the Night

It’s great to have a poem in this new pamphlet ‘The Witching Hour’, from Beautiful Dragons Press, put together by Rebecca Bilkau.

It’s been a collaborative adventure with twelve poets and a photographer, to mark the night of Walpurga, the eve of May, the rush of spring.

We each worked at a poem at midnight on 30th April, in locations ranging from Oregon in the west to Lower Saxony in the east.  I worked in our Victorian back garden and in the street outside its gate.  I watched stars, no moon was up, through the first unfurling leaves of our birch tree.

Other poets are: Elizabeth Burns, Carola Luther, Eleanor Rees, Sarah Hymas, Polly Atkin, Deborah Alma, Michelle Mitchell-Foust, Stephanie Lammers, Janice Fitzpatrick-Simmons, Eileen Pun, Rebecca Bilkau.  And the photographer was Una Murphy.

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